How do I know if my Samsung mobile phone supports NFC technology?

Today, we use our mobile phones to perform mobile transactions, exchange data, synchronize devices and many other key activities that we can only do because our device has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. That’s why most Cell phones Samsung, like other brands in general, now includes NFC.

It is a high-frequency short-range wireless communication technology. Its range is 15 centimeters, so the devices have to be very close.

All you have to do to use it is place your phone within a few centimeters of another NFC device, which should immediately detect it and be ready to go.

Now that you know what this technology is, how to tell if your Samsung phone has NFC.

How do I know if my Samsung mobile phone has NFC?

If you have a Samsung phone made in the last six years, chances are it has NFC. However, there are various ways Check if your device actually supports this technology.

First of all, you can find lNFC on the phone itself or on its box. These logos are usually visible, making them easy to identify.

NFC is a high-frequency, short-range wireless communication technology.

If you don’t see the NFC logo, another way to check if your Samsung phone has the technology is to access the device’s Quick Settings panel. This will display some quick options to turn features like Wi-Fi on or off, and you may also find an NFC option there.

Finally, you can search directly in Phone settings. Go to your device’s settings and use the search function to search for “NFC.”

NFC technology, like other features on your phone, runs in the background until you need it. However, it can also be used to unlock a wide range of useful features that can make your life easier.

If you’ve ever used Samsung Pay, you’ve already taken advantage of your phone’s NFC feature. However, NFC can offer much more than simple mobile payments.

It’s important to note that NFC is primarily a passive technology. It consumes minimal and negligible amounts of battery power and does not perform any processing unless it is actively communicating with another NFC device. Moreover, from a privacy perspective, does not transmit any personal data unless you provide explicit permission, and transactions such as mobile payments are fully encrypted, keeping your data secure.

Which Samsung phones support NFC?

Most of smartphones that are available on the market today have NFC because it has been developing for several years now.

The Samsung Galaxy S series, like the S20, includes this technology.

However, it is the latest models that have the latest updates and capabilities NFC technology. Only Phones running Android 4.3 will come with the latest NFC security features.

Almost all mid- and high-class models. Samsung especially those manufactured in the last six years have NFC technology.

Some of the series that Samsung who have NFC are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S series. Such as: S23 Ultra, S21, S20 and older models such as S9, S8, S7, S2, S and others.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Such as: Note 20 Ultra, Note 20
  • Samsung Galaxy A series. Such as: A80, A54, A34, A5, A3, A1 and others.
  • Samsung Galaxy M series. Such as: M23, M13, M02 and others.
  • Samsung Galaxy J series. Such as: J2 Pro, J1 Ace, J4, J3 and others.

How to install NFC on Android?

If you cellular telephone no this technology, you can use stickers NFC. Some banks have them, so you can check with your bank to see if you can get them for your terminal.

Once it’s on your mobile phone, you just need to touch it to the NFC reader to start paying with it at any time. This sticker will be associated with your account as if it were another credit card.

Another option is to purchase a device NFC external. Although they are not very large, they can be somewhat bulky. All you have to do is set it up and in a few minutes you can start using it anywhere.

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