How does drinking beer every day affect the body?

stay on drink beer This is one of the greatest hobbies of the Spaniards, who consider this drink to be the central axis of the sacred liturgy, culminating in conversations in company and moments of exchange of impressions that are remembered for a long time. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. Around 200,000 million liters of beer are consumed annually, with Spaniards consuming on average about 52 liters per yearThis is evidenced by data from the Cerveceros de España report.

This almost social consumption of the drink sometimes causes many people to lose perspective and seemingly not realize that beer is an alcoholic drink. you can’t abuse it. Because drinking beer in moderation, which can have a beneficial effect on health, is not the same as feeling the need to drink it every day, and even several units at a time.

How much beer per day is considered alcoholism? The study “Beer, the Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease”, carried out by the Hospital Clínic, the Universities of Barcelona and Malaga, and the Carlos III Institute of Health, concluded that moderate beer consumption positive effects in relation to cardiovascular disease, diabetes risk and insulin regulation, but walking the fine line of moderation is quite common. Because drinking beer every day is a fairly common reality in Spain. Nothing to do with him recommended intake The World Health Organization (WHO), which 20 to 24 grams of alcohol.

Risks of drinking more beer than necessary

And the risks of drinking more beer than necessary in everyday life, no matter what diet or parallel exercise we do, are more numerous.

Firstly, the risk associated with weight gain, because apart from calories, it also increases the appetite level in the body. Exceeding the correct beer consumption limit per day can also lead to liver problems And digestive problemsassociated with ulcers and diuretic effect.

Depression and the development of liver disease, obesity and cancer lead to the negative consequences of daily beer consumption, which adds up to a higher risk of death.

According to experts, daily beer consumption is also associated with sleep problemsboth in quantity and quality, which can ultimately affect the normal development of our daily lives due to fatigue.

Finally, there are studies that link daily beer consumption to mental and emotional problems. Uncontrolled beer drinking can lead to depression and anxiety, which can affect your mood and mental health.

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