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Mozzarella is undoubtedly one of the most famous and widespread Italian foods in the world. For centuries it has belonged to the list of foods that are part of the classic Mediterranean diet and that the whole world envies us. In the past it was produced using only the buffalo milka, but later, some ingredients were changed, in fact now cow’s milk mozzarella is also on the market.

Proteins constitute about 18.7% and are mainly casein; the fats present are mostly saturated and carbohydrates 0.7% and lactose is also present. From the saline point of view it has a fair content of calcium and phosphorus but it also contains sodium and potassium in good quantities.
Is eating mozzarella every day for a week bad for you?

This food in itself is not bad but everything always depends on the amount you eat. Inside buffalo mozzarella, for example, the levels of saturated fat and cholesterol are higher and consequently, the calories will also be higher; this does not mean that it must be totally eliminated from the diet but must be eaten in moderation. Buffalo mozzarellaFurthermore, eaten within a balanced diet and combined with the consumption of fruit and vegetables and a non-sedentary lifestyle, it has no particular contraindications, unless you suffer from high cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood.

How much mozzarella can you eat in a week?
Summing up, let’s figure out what the right amount of mozzarella to eat is to avoid major risks to our health. Nutritionists’ advice is to eat it about twice a week with portions that shouldn’t exceed 100 grams at a time.

It is important to say that this amount is fine, as mentioned above, for people who are in good health, because those who suffer from particular diseases must first seek medical advice.

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