How much does a TikToker earn? They are the seven highest paid in the world and none is Mexican

But the platform has not only served as support for brands seeking to reach new generations through short videos and challenges. It is also being a way of income for content creators who exceed the number of views and followers and who, in addition, have become influencers of some brands.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub BrandMe, the tiktokers with the best earnings Worldwide are the following seven:

charli d’amelio
Charli took her cell phone, recorded a video dancing and posted it on TikTok. Days later, she became the most followed, as well as the best paid worldwide within the application. The tiktoker earns around 17.5 million dollars (mdd) annually for creating content and collaborating with brands such as Hollister, Hulu and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dixie D’Amelio
Charli’s older sister also rose to fame thanks to TikTok. She has annual earnings of $10 million and she still has contracts with Hulu and Hollister. However, Dixie is more focused on music and now generates a colossal income from her career as a pop singer. Some of her hits have been “Psycho” and “F-kBoy”.

Addison Rae
What started as a hobby for Addison became her profession. It has 86 million followers and earnings of 8.5 million dollars annually. In addition, she has contracts with brands such as American Eagle and Netflix, a platform on which she appeared in a movie called “He’s All That.”

Bella Poarch
One day Bella decided to make a lip-sync video with the famous song “M to B”. Days later it was already recognized by thousands of people worldwide and today it has more than 87 million followers. His current earnings are around 5 million dollars annually. Also, she started her music career with her famous hit “Build a B*tch”.

Josh Richards
Amazon and CashApp are some of the brands that have opted for Josh Richards. The Canadian has more than 26 million followers who started watching videos of him dancing and later followed his famous podcast “BFFs”. His annual earnings amount to 5 million dollars per year.

Chris Collins
Kris was a stylist in Vancouver before the pandemic. However, during the time she spent at home she began making comedy videos and her sense of humor enamored her current 42 million followers. Her annual earnings are around 4.7 million dollars, so brands like Hershey, Lionsgate and Pantene have constantly collaborated with her.

avani gregg
Avani went viral in 2019 for being the “Clown Girl”, or at least that’s how she was recognized after having made up like Harley Quinn. Today, this talented makeup artist has more than 39 million followers and annual earnings of $4.7 million.

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