How much does Netflix cost in Mexico? Monthly and annual price

The Netflix price in Mexico It depends on the service plan you contract. Each alternative offers different benefits in terms of video quality and the number of devices you can use simultaneously. These are the Netflix plans and costs per month currently available.

  • Basic plan: 139.00 pesos.
  • Standard Plan: 219.00 pesos.
  • Premium Plan: 299.00 pesos.

Now, as we said, each package has different benefits. We could start by pointing out that in all of them you can watch unlimited content as long as you comply with the imposed rate, and regardless of whether your device is a television, telephone, tablet or computer.

The advantages in packages begin when we talk about the video quality. To enjoy movies and series on HD you would have to contract at least the Standard Plan, while you can have at your disposal the quality Ultra-HD exclusively with the Premium Plan.

Then also varies the number of devices in which you can see content at the same time. The most expensive plan allows you four simultaneous transmissions, in the case of the Standard Plan it is only two. Finally, with the Basic Plan you will not be allowed to watch Netflix on more than one device at the same time.

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  • Basic plan: 1,668.00 pesos.
  • Standard Plan: 2,628.00 pesos.
  • Premium Plan: 3,588.00 pesos.


  • Credit and debit cards. Apply any with the logo of Visa, master card or American Express. Keep in mind that with this method the monthly fee will be charged automatically according to the date of your subscription, although you can change the plan or cancel it at any time from your account on the Netflix website.
  • Netflix Gift Cards. They are also known as prepaid cardsyou find them in supermarkets and self-service stores, they are redeemable from your Netflix account.
  • Payments in OXXO. When contracting your subscription you will have the alternative of generating a reference number that you can pay by presenting it at OXXO stores.
  • telephony packages. Some companies like Telmex, total play, mega cable, Dish and others offer Netflix membership included in their packages.

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Finally, before contracting the service, reflect on which plan and payment method best suits your needs. It is also worth mentioning that if the prices change, the company is obliged to inform you 30 days in advance of the application of the new rate.

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