How the ‘Brooklyn 99’ Star Is Buying Back the Franchise After Two Terrible Movies Starring Alexandra Daddario

One of the most popular novel series of all time. Percy Jackson received worldwide recognition from young readers. The book takes place in a world of demigods and monsters at war with each other. The book series was soon adapted into a series of fantasy adventure films. However, they failed to capture the true magic of the novel series and thus they were a massive failure among fans.

Percy JacksonPercy Jackson
Percy Jackson

But now, more than ten years after the first film adaptation, another book project has appeared in the form of a series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. And fortunately this time the project worked hard, a lot of better than the terrible sequels starring Alexandra Daddario, all thanks to one thing Brooklyn Nine-Nine star: Jason Mantzoukas.

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Percy Jackson The franchise has finally been bought out!

Jason Mantzoukas in the movie Jason Mantzoukas in the movie
Jason Mantzoukas Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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When the movie series based on the book first came out, starring Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson as Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, respectively, it wasn’t received too well by fans.

However, the current Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians received a much better reception from fans, with much of the credit going to the creators’ decision to cast Jason Mantzoukas as the Greek god Dionysus.

Not only do fans think this casting of the character is even better and far more impressive than the original character in the books, but they also find Brooklyn Nine-Nine star will add entirely new and fresh layers to the source material.

Mantzoukas’ perfect choice for the role is his exceptional humor and engaging personality, which makes his embodiment of the Camp Half-Blood director and Greek god of wine and festivals even more fun to watch.

Compared to Mr. D from the novel series, Jason Mantzoukas’ unmatched energy and empathy made him even more likable than the character from the book series, making the series overall even more appealing.

Next are the main characters Percy Jackson and the Olympiansthat is, Walker Scobell as the title character, Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase and Aryan Simhadri as Grover Underwood, whose wonderful performances make the series even more delightful.

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Why Percy Jackson The film series was a flop among fans.

Still from the series about Percy JacksonStill from the series about Percy Jackson
More from Percy Jackson film series

Although this may come as a surprise, Percy Jackson The film series grossed well over their budget: while the first film grossed $226 million on a $95 million budget, the sequel failed to reach that amount, grossing only $202 million on a $90 million budget.

However, they were not successful among fans for obvious reasons. Firstly, one of the main reasons it was created was because of its huge success, Harry Potter The film series was gaining momentum, and the studios were “Buy any book where three kids are chasing monsters.”as screenwriter Craig Titley shared (via Variety).

In addition, the huge budget constraints they faced thanks to the then co-chairman of 20th Century Fox, Tom Rothman, a.k.a. “make films on the cheap” proved some serious problems with some of the most crucial moments of the first book.

Thus, despite the fact that Percy Jackson the series really tried Really they had a hard time sticking to the source material and providing fans with the most epic viewing experience, inevitably losing fans even after collecting more than enough.

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