How to Avoid Damage Caused by Pesky Speed ​​Bumps in Your Car

How to Avoid Damage Caused by Pesky Speed ​​Bumps in Your CarPatsy Cascante

City traffic police do not hesitate when it comes to setting speed limits for motorists on streets, avenues, intercity crossings or next to zebra crossings.

In many cities, there are more and more roads with speed limits of 30-50 km/h, which are not always observed by drivers due to inaction, confusion or ignorance.

Thanks to this panorama, many city councils continue to include speed bumpsan extreme deterrent that causes tension for most drivers as they manage to reduce the vehicle’s speed, but they also cause other side effects such as various damage to the interior, often quite a bit.

sudden decrease in speed In many cases, this does not save our car from the consequences of speed bumps, especially the steepest ones.

He tire It is the element of your car that suffers the most from these stripes, since this is what directly affects it. Excessive speeding will cause deformation of the tire, including lumps and cuts or defects in the tread or sidewalls.

suspense This is also emphasized when these elements are mentioned. Shock absorbers suffer the most, but springs and control arm bearings can also be damaged. And a poorly maintained suspension can cause you to lose control of your vehicle in the event of sudden braking or evasive maneuvers.

Overcoming speed bumps ends causing weakness in components such as silent blocks engine which help reduce vibrations that can damage your vehicle’s mechanics. The steering and axles may also be damaged.

Strong shocks can also lead to loosening of some parts of the interior, both metal and, above all, plastic, causing malfunctions and discomfort. creaks.

Driving over speed bumps without care can result in damage or loosening of the fastener. bumper front, not to mention the damage to the bottom, which often rubs to the point of sparks. When overcoming them, there is also the possibility of friction with the exhaust system or its weakening.

This entire catalog of losses can mean significant financial costs. It’s best to keep this in mind adviсe when meeting them on city roads:

Control your speed. It seems obvious, but speeding is the main reason your car breaks down. The correct speed when approaching a speed bump will significantly reduce the force of the impact.

Keep a safe distance. This will allow you to see the warning signs and clearly see the type, size and length of the speed bump. In addition, you will avoid a collision with the vehicle in front in the event of sudden and unexpected braking.

Don’t slow down too late. It is important not to brake too late or press the pedal when you go over a speed bump, as the wheel needs to absorb the shock well, and this cannot be achieved if it is locked by the brake. Experts even advise that a little acceleration is better than hard braking, although always keeping in mind that you should brake gently, gradually and early before exceeding the appropriate speed.

Pay attention to the signs. Speed ​​bumps must be properly marked before you encounter them, so pay attention as soon as you see the sign. Especially if it is in a pedestrian area, near a school or nursing home, on a busy street, etc.

Take the speed bump to your head. Many drivers make strange movements and try to change lanes, which leads to violations punishable by traffic rules. Moving the speed bump perpendicularly, rather than at an angle, as many do, helps distribute the force of the impact evenly between the wheels and suspension.

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