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MEXICO CITY.- With a video, the renowned Dr. Carlos Jaramillo, an expert in the field of functional medicine, addresses the problem of controlling anxiety related to eating habitsoffering valuable advice to improve your quality of life.

Here are nine ways he suggests to control food anxiety:

Moderate sugar consumption:

Reduce your intake of added sugar and artificial sweeteners, opting for healthier alternatives such as monk fruit or pure stevia.

Control the frequency of meals:

Set the power mode Three meals a day regulate hormone production and improve anxiety control.

Don’t chew gum:

Break the habit of chewing gum, as some contain up to 4 artificial sweeteners, which can cause unwanted hormonal reactions.

Prioritize hydration:

Choose liquids such as water or black coffee instead of sugary drinks to keep you full and control anxiety.

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Increase your healthy fats:

Include healthy sources of fats such as nuts, avocados and olive oil in your diet to reduce insulin stimulation.

Protein increase:

Increase your protein intake by up to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight, along with regular exercise, to prolong your feeling of fullness.

Control the amount of carbohydrates:

Maintain a balance in your carbohydrate intake by choosing vegetable options and reducing your intake of foods with excess sugar and starch.

Avoid irresistible temptations:

Refrain from consuming small amounts of addictive foods, recognizing that any amount may lead to loss of control.

Fight boredom in a healthy way:

Cope with boredom through alternative activities such as walking, exercise, or any other distraction that will help overcome those brief moments of anxiety.

These tips from Dr. Carlos Jaramillo offer a practical, science-backed perspective for those who try to cope with anxiety about food and improve your eating habits.

Below we share a video of a specialist so you can delve deeper into the topic worry to eat and know in detail these nine strategies to combat it.

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