How to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome?

Why should you care? disable hardware acceleration? The theory states that all it provides are benefits and that under no circumstances should it be turned off. But while it’s true that it provides significant benefits, there are many situations in which it’s better to turn it off. Moreover, as we mentioned later, not using it also offers certain benefits.

Usually this is not often

This is true. If you do a search on the Internet, you will find that most guides you will find they are for the opposite, as they teach you how to enable hardware acceleration in Chrome. However, in the last few hours we have been faced with the need to deactivate it and have seen fit to share this information with you.

The user changes settings in the configuration of his computer

While it may not be the most common option, there can be benefits to unplugging. One of the most immediate ways is to deactivate it if Google Chrome freezes frequently. closes inexplicably or suffers from other problems. If you find yourself in this situation, try disabling this option and things may start to work better for you.

How to do it?

We’re going to quickly explain the process to you and then continue with the comments. some of the reasons so it may be a good option to disable hardware acceleration. The first thing you should do is click on the three vertical dots icon located at the top right of the Google Chrome interface.

Once the list of categories is displayed, click Settings. Once inside, go to the left column and go down to where it says “System”. Enter this section and you will find three options, among which you will be convinced that the second one is the one you are looking for. You will see that it says “Use hardware acceleration if available” and that you can activate or deactivate box. Most likely you have it activated.

Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome

So you just need to change the position of the button that appears next to it and then click the Reset button. What will it do restart browser (not your entire computer) and that when you reboot, acceleration is already disabled. The reactivation process will simply be reversed.

As we indicated, you have more reasons to deactivate. One of them is the opportunity to perform something simple like taking screenshots when you watch a streaming service. This applies to any platform, be it Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max, among others. If you want to be able to capture the image as you see it, you will have to turn off acceleration so that only the black background is displayed.

Of course, keep in mind that during normal deacceleration streaming video quality reduced. For a screenshot that you then post on your social media or wherever, this won’t be very problematic, but if you usually view content on your computer, this will have negative consequences for you.

Toy Story scene on Disney+

Another situation where you may not want to activate acceleration is if your computer’s processor It is really powerful and the rest of the hardware is not that powerful. In this case, although nothing bad will happen, you will also not be able to benefit from any improvements. On the other hand, if you think that your PC is getting too hot and you notice that the GPU is running excessively, it is recommended to use this option to avoid certain problems. It’s also a good idea to find out exactly how hardware acceleration is optimized on your computer before activating it, since it’s not usually something that goes into much depth. Some computers handle this better than others, and you may find that it’s not such a good idea to make it active.

In general, hardware acceleration Provides performance benefits, as well as better control of your computer’s components and operation. So unless you have a need, are experiencing problems, or don’t think you might need to turn it off, it’s best to leave it on. Beyond that, it never hurts to know what to do if you have to change this configuration.

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