How to download a digital certificate to your mobile phone with your ID card for free and quickly

02/02/2024 at 19:10


Nowadays we are used to leaving our wallets at home. More and more people use their mobile phone to pay and carry other documents with them, such as a driver’s license. In this context it is also possible to save the digital certificate using the FNMT application and electronic identifier.

He Digital certificate This is a document approved National Coin Stamping Factory. It demonstrates a person’s personality, and although it can be requested in different ways, the DNR includes its own.

To receive a digital certificate on your mobile phone, you must use the official application National Coin Stamping Factory. From here you can request the certificate online and receive it on your mobile phone. If you wish, you can also install a digital certificate if you already have one.

You won’t need cables, you just need to attach the ID to your mobile phone. This is the easiest way to download a digital certificate on Android. The first thing you need to do is download the FNMT app from Google Play. Then open the app and click “request a digital certificate”select the bottom option, the one that “DAYS READING”accept the terms.

Then write your email address and check the code that came to your email. Then take the next step and enter CAN code of your ID. Now enter The PIN that was provided to you when you renewed your DNI.. Finally, Place the ID under your phone until the NFC connection is established. If the readings are correct, shipment will be confirmed. The app will tell you that the certificate is being processed, but it will likely already appear in the “requests” section of your app.

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