How to find out if someone is spying on your WhatsApp

Other people can access our WhatsApp through the web version. (Reuters)

Detecting that someone has logged into our WhatsApp and seen messages that we have shared with other users is not an easy task, mainly because the app does not have a feature that directly generates this type of alert. But with the help of some tricks we can obtain information that will give us the key to solving such a situation.

The meta app has tools like read receipts, passwords to open the app, and login alerts that are essential for knowing if someone is spying on our messages.

Spy signals on WhatsApp

To find out if someone is viewing our chats in the application, we need to use several functions that will help us come to a conclusion closer to reality, although none of these tools guarantee a definitive answer to the problem.

Unrecognized active sessions

Checking the active sessions associated with the account is one of the first options. In WhatsApp, you need to go to Settings > Linked Devices to view your active sessions and your last connection. If we find a session that we don’t recognize, it can be deleted immediately and this will be an important red flag, since it means that someone is not only spying on our messages, but also has access to the login.

Read messages:

Finding messages marked as read that we never opened is a serious sign of spying. This may indicate that someone has accessed the WhatsApp Web account on someone else’s computer and did not log out, or that at some point they took our mobile phone and read the contents.

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