How to find out whose phone number without calling back

Every day we receive many Phone calls, some from unknown numbers that we have not stored in the phone book and cannot identify. The easiest way to find out who it is and find out if it is spam by phone or business call, I would be To call backbut there is another, easier way, without the need to interact with another person.

Just like we don’t have all the numbers stored so we can make a decision. whether we want to pick up the phone or not. For example, many companies already make promotional calls, also known as spam calls, through mobile numbers that can easily get through the phone of anyone they know.

To find out who called us or who this number belongs to without calling back, you can download a phone tracking app. The two most downloaded are Truecaller and Hiya.both are free and inform you who is on the other end of the line when you call.

There are also more basic methods or home tricks For example, if a mobile phone calls us, we can save it in the phone book and open WhatsApp. There, thanks to the profile photo, we can find out who it is and decide whether we want (or not) to call back.

How to detect spam calls

Another easy way to detect spam calls and avoid answering them is to enable Google. Many mobile phones, such as the Bq brand, already use their system by default. If Google is activated, we will receive notifications on every call. whether the phone number is an advertisement or spam, or will it show us the name of the company that is calling us, since it uses the Google Maps database to be able to provide this information.

Finally, we can always go to online lists of spam numbers (like this one) where to look to see if the phone that called us is registered or, more simply put, enter the number into an online search engine to see if the results give us a clear answer about the identity of that phone.

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