How to Prevent WhatsApp Backup So You Run Out of Space on Your Google Account

Since 2018 users Android were able to enjoy the convenience of storing a WhatsApp backup in a Google account. without taking up space and regardless of its size. The agreement reached between both companies has come to an end and WhatsApp has already announced that backups will start being counted in the space available on Google. in the first months of this year 2024. At the moment, this update has reached beta users.

When the new policy becomes effective for everyone, many will find that their backups are several gigabytes It doesn’t have room in the 15GB offered by free Google accounts.. Then they will have to choose between doing difficult work cleaning files in Gmail, Drive and Photos to free up space, tune WhatsApp backup so that it deletes content and takes up less space, Subscribe one of the Google One plans to get more space or give up to her.

If you choose the first option, we explain how to do it here, here and here. If you do this for the second time, you can find out all the ways to reduce WhatsApp backup size in another article. But if you don’t want to check what you have on Google or delete files from WhatsApp chats, the app allows you another way to partially bypass the new restriction.

The easiest option is to keep a backup copy. in a secondary Google account dedicated solely to this purpose.. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the free storage that Google offers, and it will be enough for most users. Those whose backup exceeds 15GB will have no choice but to purchase more storage space if they want to save it.

To use an alternative Google account with WhatsApp, you must follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Google using an incognito browser and click To gain access and then in Register. Enter the information Google asks you to create it.
  • Opens whatsappclick on the three vertical dots menu and select Settings.
  • Press Chats and then in Backup.
  • IN Google account The one you are currently using will appear. Click on it and in the window that opens select Add account.
  • WhatsApp will ask you confirm your identity using your fingerprint or phone PIN. Next you need to enter address your new Google account and its password and then give permission in WhatsApp to access it.
  • Press Hold so that the backup is uploaded to your new Google account.

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