How to remove mucus from the throat naturally?

Natural remedies to remove mucus from the throat.

Although they can arrive at any time of the year, it seems that cold months impossible don’t get sick. Colds, flu and respiratory tract infections present with various symptoms, one of the most unpleasant being the accumulation of mucus in the throat and nose.

Excess mucus becomes a nuisance, so there are different natural formulas to eliminate this excesseffective home remedies that, while not curing the disease, can help us feel a little less uncomfortable.

Eliminates mucus from the throat naturally.

hydration This is important both inside and outside. A good humidifier in the room we are in will help maintain humidity in the air, preventing dry air from irritating the airways. Internal hydration is also key. large amount of liquid This helps thin mucus, which helps drain the sinuses.

Support raised head It helps a lot when mucus accumulation is especially bothersome. Sleeping with your head elevated with a second pillow or towel will help gravity move it away, avoiding the feeling of it pooling in the back of your throat.

It’s very annoying but Suppressing a cough is not recommended., at least completely, because it is the body’s mechanism for moving mucus into the airways and eliminating it. In these cases it is better spit out phlegm be careful than to swallow them because this way they will accumulate in the lower tracts and may cause problems.

smoke This can help us open up our upper airways, which can help us feel better. A sensation similar to what we experience when taking a hot shower or bath. steam helps loosen and remove mucus. We can also gargle with warm salt water, which soothes the irritated throat and helps remove mucus.

infusions can be great allies, not only because they are eaten warm (let’s remember the benefits of steam), but it will also be beneficial if we choose those that contain the appropriate ingredients, such as ginger. Just as it is advisable to drink infusions, it is also advisable to avoid alcohol and caffeine, which are dehydrating substances.

Stay away from tobacco and smokebut also from irritants such as chemicals and fragrances, which can affect the nose and respiratory tract as they increase mucus production. Avoid using decongestantsSince they can make it difficult to get rid of phlegm and mucus, it is better to use expectorants.

Food can be crucial, it enhances fruit consumptionwhich can help you avoid breathing problems and avoid foods that cause gastric reflux.

Simple tricks available to everyone that, Although they do not cure the disease, they can help us make it more bearable and make us feel better. during the healing process. In any case, if we feel that it is necessary, it is always better to consult our doctor, who will give us the right treatment recommendations if we need it.

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