How to strengthen the immune system according to Dr. Guillermo J. Sada

He Dr. Guillermo José Sada Castillo He has degrees in medicine and surgery, is a specialist in endocrinology and nutrition, and is the CEO of Lanier Pharma. We talked to him about how to prevent the most common viruses and infections in children during this period of the yearand also the best way to strengthen immune system to mitigate its effects and its spread.

For an expert there are very simple habits such as follow the rules of hygienestarting with regular and frequent hand washing, and then cleaning toys and objects what children use daily; maintain a healthy and balanced diet: Give preference to vegetables, fruits, meat and fish and avoid processed foods; And Maintain adequate hydration in the area where you sleepand also respecting sleep hours recommended at any age.

In addition, he insists on a measure of solidarity: do not take your child to school if they have symptoms of infection, since this is the best prevention to avoid transmitting the disease to other colleagues; And strictly adhere to the vaccination schedulebecause, in the words of this health professional, “It is the most effective public health measure for the control and prevention of infectious diseases.”

In addition, a deposit is offered as a profitable option nutraceuticals that stimulate the immune system’s ability to combat infectious aggressors. “Our body, thanks to the immune system, has the ability to distinguish between self and foreign. When potentially aggressive external agent, a virus or bacterium, comes into contact with the body, the immune system recognizes it as a potentially aggressive foreign agent, and the body itself produces a natural response. There are some foods that train the immune system so that when a child comes into contact with a pathogen or virus, there is a much more powerful response,” adds Dr. Sada.

In particular, the additive Immunization of children It has the ability to generate and enhance “trained immunity,” whereby the innate immune system is able to mount a more powerful response to secondary stimuli such as viruses or bacteria. It can be used from 3 years and contains important components, such as beta-glucan, necessary for the response effective immunity; vitamins C and D; Selenium, which strengthens the defense of the immune system; tannic acid, an excellent antioxidant and has antiviral properties; and zinc, which is known to support the body’s high defenses and ensure its proper development.


Listen to the full interview below:

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