how to view a map in 3D while driving

Google Maps is probably one of the most used navigation apps in the world, which is why it is constantly evolving. In addition to controlling our movements, it includes a wide range of functions, as well as settings that allow customization, among which are different types of maps, such as 3D, which we can now use during navigation.

Your maps in 3D while driving

The GPS application offers several ways to view the maps: thanks to the layers we can choose the type of map we want to use and the details of each one, where we can choose between public transport, traffic, bicycle, street view, forest. fires, air quality and the setting we are currently interested in in 3D. Thanks to this, we can see the topography of buildings and get a much more spatial understanding of how the streets run. Until now, this detail could only be used to view maps, but always outside of navigation.

With the latest update, everything has changed and now we can move from one place to another by following the instructions of the assistant while the map is displayed on our screen in 3D. For some drivers, this view is much more intuitive than the classic view, which displays buildings and streets geometrically. So this is it is much easier to identify the neighborhoods and streets we travel through and when we should turn or continue our march. We could use other parts in the same way, such as public transport or bicycles.

They provide additional information for navigation: in the case of public transport, we can see where buses go or where metro stops are located. And, for example, if we choose bicycles, we can see bicycle paths and routes that we can use when traveling on this type of transport. Other adjustments, such as air quality or a recent wildfire, offer us other types of information unrelated to circulation. For example, in areas with high pollution or in areas of active fire. To be able to avoid these areas when necessary.

In addition, Maps include other services such as points of interest, locations of hospitals and pharmacies, shopping centers, bars, restaurants or shops that may be of interest to us. Thus, just by looking at the map we can know what services can be found in the area. Something that we don’t see it in 3Dso it can help while driving as we are not distracted.

Let’s remember that responsible use of these navigation systems is very important. Because a significant portion of accidents occur because the driver is distracted. Therefore, it is advisable not to manipulate the mobile phone while driving. What was included may entail some kind of sanctions. Therefore, it is advisable to make all settings in the application with the car stopped before starting the trip.

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