Huelva City Council celebrates World Multiple Sclerosis Day by reading the Decalogue of Claims

May 30th is celebrated World Multiple Sclerosis Day and that is why the Huelva City Council wanted to join this annual event by joining forces with AdemoMultiple Sclerosis Association to make this neurodegenerative disease visible.

The meeting took place outside the City Hall, where numerous patients and relatives joined to read the Decalogue of Claims, calling for commitment and solidarity with people with multiple sclerosis. At the event, the council wanted to support the demands of the association, as well as raise awareness among citizens about how these illnesses affect the lives of people suffering from them, their physical, emotional, social and work consequences, which also affect family members and people around them.

People with multiple sclerosis demand more government support for treatment study that they can achieve a permanent cure for the disease, gain access to comprehensive, personalized, free and continuous rehabilitation treatment; equity in drug treatment; and continuity in pharmaceutical industry cooperation in supporting associations and researching increasingly effective treatments without losing the necessary safety.

They also claim great commitment of businessmen in adaptation to work and compliance with the 2% required by law when hiring people with disabilities; greater universal accessibility necessary for equal opportunity and non-discrimination; greater support from government administrations; and the implementation by central and regional authorities of public awareness campaigns about the disease, supported by information and educational materials on multiple sclerosis.

During the event, the mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, wanted to highlight the importance of this day, which is “necessary for raise public awareness Huelva, because multiple sclerosis is a disabling and degenerative disease that affects many people in Huelva, who struggle every day with the many symptoms they have, which are unfortunately not taken into account by society.” In addition, the Councilor thanked ADEMO “for the exemplary and fundamental work they carry out every day in Huelva, desire to improve quality of life people with multiple sclerosis and their families” and insisted that “as a society we must do everything we can to make their daily lives easier and try to help them live quality life

For his part, Enrique Endivia, President of Ademo, demanded public health that they are receiving the attention they deserve because private individuals refuse to assure them, “We don’t have private insurance options.”“Most of us would be hopeless if it weren’t for healthcare, it’s because of it that we can have quality of life and live day to day,” he continued.

The Huelva City Council appealed to the public to become aware of the existence of this disease and sent support message to all people suffering from this disease, and reaffirming its commitment to the fight to fulfill the demands set out in its Decalogue.

What is multiple sclerosis

This chronic neurodegenerative disease It affects cognitive, emotional, motor, sensory or visual functions and is caused by a person’s immune system attacking their central nervous system. This is known as “Disease of a Thousand Faces”Since its symptoms vary depending on the person and the severity of the nerve fiber damage, one of the main requirements put forward on this day is to carry out early diagnosis this guarantees from the outset access to the pharmacological and rehabilitative treatment needed to stop the disease, since “from the first symptom, time is money.”

In addition, it is required that, once diagnosed, multiple sclerosis be recognized by degree of disability 33% automatically to make it easier to access benefits and resources that will significantly improve the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis can affect people of all ages and genders, but it usually occurs from 20 to 40 years. Currently, almost two million people suffer from this disease, and 3 out of 4 are women.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day coincides with loss of Antonio Herrera Abrio “La Monie” a true example of culture and solidarity in Huelva. The capital of Huelva woke up with the sad news of his death and both the city council and Ademo wanted to pay tribute to this great figure from Huelva who is part of our street map, so the event began with a moment of silence in memory of the man who always carried Huelva like our flag and who managed to touch us so many times with his art, talent and his huge heart. The Town Hall extends its deepest condolences to his family and friends and all its love and affection.

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