Huge deposits of frozen water discovered under the equator of Mars

01/19/2024 at 19:36


The Mars Express probe, sent to Mars by ESA in 2003, four years later discovered important underground deposits in the windy region known as “Medusa trenches” but did not determine whether they were responsible for the volcanic dust.

. They are also much larger than originally thought. since there will be between 219,000 and 396,000 cubic kilometers of frozen water.

In case it melts, can flood the entire planet under a layer of water of about two meters. Therefore, this amount exceeds all the fresh water on Earth in rivers and lakes and could fill the Red Sea. “This could be a very valuable resource for future human exploration.”Explain Thomas WattersResearcher.

“It has the advantage of being located on Mars’ equator and in the northern lowlands, which is ideal as a landing site.”– he answers in an interview with El País. “The ice-rich deposits of Medusa may help explain where a large volume of water ended up that helped reshape the surface of Mars,” Explain Watters.

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