Hugo Maglio to appear in court on charges of sexual assault shortly before Espanyol game | Relief

Alberto Martinez

Hugo Mallo will face an oral trial on July 11 on charges of sexual assault shortly before trial. Espanyol-Celta played on April 24, 2019 at the Cornella-El Prat stadium, reports AS Diary. The case of the former Celta de Vigo captain will be heard at the Criminal Court No. 19 of Barcelona. and a current player of the Brazilian Internacional Porto Alegre, who committed the alleged crime moments before a league match, during a two-team greeting where the local team’s mascots were present, parrot And parrot.

According to media reports, “events could have happened on the grass and in front of the public.” during the usual greeting between players of both teams: Espanyol players in line, and Celta players pass in front of them, with Mallo first as captain. “After reaching the position of the domestic animals, in particular the parrot at the end of the line, there was alleged violence which is treated as such and not as sexual violence as the Criminal Code in force at the time of the events applies. .” .

When Hugo Mallo approached the pets, he offered the parrot his hand as is customary, but when he reached Mrs. Ana, who at that moment was playing the role of the parrot, he put his hands under the suit and “touched her.” breast”– explained in the complaint published by the same publication. “According to the eyewitness, he grabbed her chest with his hands and began making movements,” it adds.

In his statement, Mallo claimed that he never knew the gender of the person wearing the mascot costume and denied the facts, although the judge clarified that “Although this seems to happen quickly, it lasts longer than other greetings previously given to the pet., so we see something happen to the mascot and the player as the mascot moves and takes the player’s hand and stands behind the male mascot; and from the player’s position we can appreciate that he could have been subjected to such blows.”

Alberto Martinez

Alberto Martinez developed his professional career with Diario AS over 19 years. He has covered three Olympic Games (London, Rio and Tokyo) and served as special envoy to five

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