Humanox faces lawsuit from its investors

More than a hundred investors will file a lawsuit against the Humanox group for failure to fulfill its obligations.

Humanox shin guards
Humanox shin guard | Photo: World

Humanoxwhat with Sporteh City and alliance with JOBChain This was one of the economic consolidation projects Cadizis now faced with demand from 122 investorsamong which there are Movistar. These investors received a commitment to list on the US technology stock exchange. Nasdaq, a fact that did not happen. The lawsuit will now be directed to return the full cost of the investment plus one important compensation.

Here’s what the digital images show Confidentiallywhich adds that since launch Rafael Contreras They refuse to comment on this issue. This will be together with the dissolution of the company Hades who managed part CVC fundsa new economic setback for the treasury of the club, which, in addition, faces the loss of the category of its first team.

Although the compensation fund League foresees more than fourteen million For the Kadista division, due to relegation, a new economic setback in the form of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit could affect the viability of the sports project, which, after the departure of players with release clauses and loans, requires serious investment to implement radical reconstruction From the template.



Paco Lopez during the press conference of his presentation


Yellow stand – June 04, 2024 – 13:31 CEST

The new coach of the yellow team appeared before the petitioners at a presentation press conference.

Carlos Clerc wearing an Elche T-shirt

Yellow stand – June 3, 2024 – 12:39 CEST

The new coach is starting to make his mark on the team where he will be seeking promotion.

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