Hunting dagger in Lego Fortnite, how to make it and the necessary materials.

lTo Hunting dagger now available in Lego Fortnite and today at MARCA Gaming we want to explain everything you need to know to craft This is a new weapon. Its main advantage is that it is really fast and is a very powerful weapon for surprise attacks or fighting elusive enemies.

Where and how to make the new LEGO Fortnite Hunting Dagger

The process of making a hunting dagger is relatively simple, since we will only need to obtain the necessary materials and go to the workshop. Production stand. However, you may need to mine and process different materials if you don’t have enough of them. In addition, each rarity of the dagger will require its own level of production machine. Are:

  • Hunting Dagger (common rarity): level 1.
  • Hunting dagger (uncommon rarity): upgrade level 2.
  • Hunting Dagger (rare): upgrade level 3.
  • Hunting Dagger (Epic Rarity): upgrade level 4.

Necessary materials

Every rarity The new LEGO Fortnite hunting dagger will require different materials from us. By this point in the film, you probably already have almost all of them. In addition, we will leave you with links that we think are relevant so that you can find it all without any problems. However, for each dagger we will need:

  • Hunting Dagger (common rarity): granite x6 and bone x4.
  • Hunting Dagger (Uncommon Rarity): Marble x6 and Cut Amber x4.
  • Hunting dagger (rare): obsidian slab x6 and cut ruby ​​x4
  • Hunting Dagger (Epic Rarity): Malachite Slab x6 and Faceted Sapphire x4.

As you may have seen, Both basic materials and recyclable resources are needed.. You can get all the information about each of them at:

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