Hyaluronic acid serum prefers 45% after riding for 4 hours.

For Natalie Portman, the image of time does not matter lose your beauty. Thanks to her status as a world celebrity, the actress is paid the maximum in her soul. C’est pourquoi elle a choisi un ultra-effective serum pour gommer le rides. Indeed, he performed in Thor’s company younger than ever.

TO 42 yearsNatalie Portman on the sommet de sa career. Derrière elle, des chefs say that black Swan you’re coming out for the encore of the saga star Wars. Devant elle, un avenir radieux, loin des affres de l’âge contre lesquels nous luttons tous. Goodbye rides for the actress, thanks to one of her favorite brands: Dior.

Natalie Portman, loyal to Dior

The great French house has been specializing in beauty for decades. In fact, by choosing a Dior product, he also decides to accept L’Hexagone craftsmanship. For the biggest stars, the reason for this “French touch” doesn’t really matter. And since Natalie Portman is involved in the life of a French dancer, Benjamin Millepiedand live in Paris, authentically and loved!

This is my army Capture Totale Hyalushot Let the actress get ready for the red carpet. Today is Natalie Portman’s rendezvous at the 81st Golden Globes. In case she was my favorite girl, 31 years old, and she was busy with her favorite crown, Lisa Storey, pour la rendre more beautiful than ever. This is the best way to release all the products that are used to achieve a natural and glamorous look for the actress.

Natalie Portman’s image, attention!

Parmi la liste, on ne Retrouve What are Dior products?, I don’t know what Natalie Portman is in this look. While the actress did not choose another Family Guy, a meme for her vetements. Essentially, the tree unites long evening robe Signée, aka Dior. This is where the brunette conquers red carpets and photo flashes.

Irresistible, like every day, the family simply states Lisse makeup, no travel. If you have plaques at the airport, she expects clarity and envy from the exhibition as a child. And for good reason, you will have an atmosphere of love for 10 years. Comme toujours, la star seems serious and timid.


Natalie Portman’s favorite serum

Ce serait donc grâce au serum Capture Total Hyalushot, que l’actrice aurait lissé sin Visage. In fact, the Dior product containshyaluronic acid, the real star of the moment. Natalie Portman is one woman who wants to avoid this ingredient. Il faut dire qu’avec ses proprietés moisturizing and etc. repulsivece produit a de quoi faire parler les curieux.

Hyaluronic acid is not responsible for the little miracle that this serum is. I combined with peptide etc.longosa extractI promise to implement all the hallmarks of Vietnam in record time. As designed by Natalie Portman, it’s perfect for those who retrospectively love designers. Plus, if you want to look better than an actress, you’ll know you’re staying fair.

Capture Totale Hyalushot, Dior, 95 euros.

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