“I give him medicine so that he sleeps and does not ask for milk”: Afghan women who give sedatives to their children so that they do not suffer from hunger



Sohaila Niazi has spent the last few weeks feeding her youngest daughter tea.

  • Author, Yogita Limaye
  • Role, BBC News Afghanistan Correspondent

“The last time I could buy milk for my child was two months ago. I usually fill his bottle with tea. Or I soak the bread in tea and then give it to him.”

Sohaila Niazi spoke these words as she sat on the floor of her adobe house on a hilltop in the east of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

There are no roads to the woman’s place of residence, so she has to walk along steep mud paths along which sewage flows.

Sohaila is a widow. He has six children, the youngest is a 15-month-old girl named Husna Faqiri.

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