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Nacho Encabo

Melbourne.- After so many years of traveling the world, Tennis players usually have specific rules in the cities that host them each season.. They say routine helps you find peace and tranquility. AND When successful, these customs become almost superstitious..

A good example is Rafael Nadal.. Until the pandemic forced him to change in 2020, whenever I went to Paris play Roland Garros he was staying at the same hotel. Although his status implies luxury, Nadal stayed at a four-star Melià hotel. Like Mallorcans, most tennis players have favorite restaurants, houses they rent over and over again, monuments they visit every year…

In the case of Novak Djokovic and Australia, where holds a title record with ten trophiesthere is a somewhat strange tradition which the Serb himself had to reveal in recent days. “I’m not superstitious. Of course, I like to visit certain places that bring me good luck and make me feel good. For example, the botanical garden, which is nearby, is a wonderful park where I like to spend time and be alone, surrounded by nature. . I’m just going to relax, hug the trees and climb them. I love doing it, and yes, I’ve been doing it for the last 15 years.“, said the world number one at a press conference in Melbourne.

Indeed, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is “close” to the tournament venues. After leaving the complex, you will have to cross the Yarra River on a bridge and walk along the shore for about ten minutes. to reach one of the two doors in the northern part.

Walking through the entrance gate, there is only nature. Trees, plants, flowers, water, birds and various paths where you can get lost and find shade to protect yourself from the sun. A botanic garden in the heart of Melbourne. It opened its doors in 1846 and contains 8,500 plant species, representing 98% of countries. through nature.

I have a friend there, a Brazilian ficus, which I love to climb and with whom I enjoy chatting. This is probably what I enjoy doing the most.“Djokovic said in 2019 after visiting the gardens and taking photos with some fans posted on the park’s Facebook page.”Climbing a tree may not be the most fun way to celebrate a victory, but I’m not one for big parties.“.

The site also houses the National Herbarium, and a quick walk can see birds of all colors. According to the official guidebook, there are about 50 different species of birds. hourThere are cockatoos, black swans and colorful parrots, as well as turtles, fish, eels, frogs, bats and opossums.

Buddhist Temple Wimbledon

Djokovic loves to get lost in nature. In 2018, for example, after a painful defeat to Marco Cecchinato in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros. The Serb parked the racket for a few days and went to the mountains to recharge the batteries. In particular, he went with his wife Helen to the Saint-Victoire mountains., near Marseille. In the next two months he would win Wimbledon and the US Open. “We isolate ourselves and look at things from a different perspective. Since then, tennis has become completely different for me.“, he said after this US title.

And he was seen several times at Wimbledon Escape the hustle and bustle of the tournament and escape to a Buddhist temple just minutes from the All England Club.b. “We have known him for quite some time,” the temple’s great monk said in a report published in the magazine. Independent in 2015.”Novak comes here alone. He comes, says hello and begins to meditate on his own.“.

Nacho Encabo

Nacho Encabo is Relevo’s sports editor and a tennis and Olympics specialist. Born in Madrid, he studied journalism and audiovisual communications at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

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