I have a missed call from an unknown number, should I call back? These are risks

Have lost call on a mobile phone from an unknown number can be dangerous. This especially happens when you notice that it is suspicious. For example, they may call you and simply signal. They automatically disconnect the call. You look at your mobile phone and see an unknown number, which in many cases has a prefix belonging to another country. This, as we are about to explain to you, can become a problem.

hackers They use many methods to steal information or spread a virus. And yes, one of them also uses calls to deceive. They may impersonate a company or an individual. They could even just use the missed call strategy.

The risk of answering a missed call

Be careful with very long numbers or prefixes from other countries, especially. They may have some hidden prices and also create problems for your safety. Common sense and avoiding mistakes will be key in these cases to avoid problems.

Economic cost

This will depend on several factors, such as the bet you placed or where that number is. But yes, answering a missed call from an unknown number can cost money. It is especially important to keep in mind that many scams are carried out from numbers with prefix in other countries.

When you call this number, which may be from another country, you may be spending money. As we say, this will depend on what the prefix is ​​and your tariff, as perhaps it is a national number and you have unlimited calls, so in this case it will not cost you any money. At least on paper.

They want to verify your number

They may simply be using a strategy of mass calling many phones with one or two taps to see which ones call back. This may mean, first of all, that there is an active user behind it. number. That is, this line really exists and someone can answer on the other side.

After you call back, several situations may arise. First, they start offering you something, try to deceive you, or implement some strategy to get more data. They may also not answer, but save your number so that they can call you another time, with the information that someone is behind this call.

Stop them from listening on your mobile phone.

To find out more about you

Someone can pick a random number and call. Before this call, you know nothing about the other person. He doesn’t know his name, his age, etc. If you call back, the other person on the other end may answer. certain issues To find out more about you. Just having a rough idea of ​​your age or knowing your name is data they could use in the future.

This information can be useful, for example, for carrying out phishing attacks. They will try to get you to fall into a trap and click on a link or download a file. If they send you an email using your name or an SMS with more personal information, the likelihood of fraud will increase.

Therefore, returning a missed call to an unknown number has its own risks. It is very important not to make mistakes and not provide opportunities for cybercriminals. If you think you should answer this call, try searching for information about this number first. Just by searching online, you can see that there is some kind of scam behind it.

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