I have been using Endel for almost four years now and will continue to do so for many years to come.

I have been using Endel for almost 1500 days and at the moment I would not exchange it for another.

I have been using Endel for almost four years now and will continue to do so for many years to come.
Endel – an app with relaxing sounds

When Apple announced the 2020 App Store Awards, one of the award-winning apps was Endelsound application designed to help us relax, concentrate or fall asleep. Endel was promising when I downloaded it back in 2020, but it has improved rapidly in that time, becoming one of my favorite apps and the one I use most often in my daily life.

Use Endel every day, several times a day. Without going any further, I listened to more minutes on the yearbook than on Apple Music. I use Endel for many purposes: while I work thanks to Focus Tune to relax with Recovery or Relaxand sometimes, although not so much, fall asleep thanks to different sound spaces.

Endel is one of the apps that I have been using for almost 1500 days straight.

Endel This is not a simple app that plays relaxing sounds and that’s it. There’s a lot of work behind it and good work because the sounds based on science and they are infinite, so they will never stop ringing unless you set a timer. But not only are they based on science, they also adapt to your current state as the app has access to health and climate data adapt them and always do the best.

Endel It has three main pillars: helps you relax, sleep or work better thanks to sounds that help you concentrate. Within each of these areas, we have different scenarios that have the same goal as the main one. This way you don’t always listen to the same thing and get a little variety in each moment. In the Relax section features of nature sounds, For example. You can customize these sounds to choose the one you like best.

Finally, one of the new features recently added is called Autoplay. Autoplay brings together all the aspects we have talked about in these lines: it automatically and intelligently plays the various sounds that the application has. When I say smart, I mean know which one to wear at all times so that it best suits the time of day or to the activity you are doing. Depending on the moment, it will reproduce one or another sound.

Endel Thanks to everything I’ve explained, it will remain my favorite app in 2024. But it’s more than an app; It’s also an experience that not only offers what it promises, but also offers both content (sleeping candles) and digital merchandising, wallpapers and icons so you can create shortcuts to play sounds faster. You can download Endel from the App Store and use it for free.although if you want to unlock its full potential, you’ll have to pay a subscription.

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