I have wireless headphones of all types. None of them work as well as cable for me.

“Sometimes the greatest sophistication lies in simplicity,” I muttered quietly, unraveling the cable.

I have an arsenal of wireless headphones, all of which promise freedom and cutting-edge technology. From AirPods with no noise cancellation and a not-so-exorbitant price tag, to the trusty first-generation AirPods Pro that promise silence even when a fellow passenger on the subway snatches them from us with the clatter of his TikTok.

I also have an impressive headband model in my collection, ideal for long trips or sessions where I prefer not to remember that I live vertically, and the one above somehow drags furniture with it at all times. But despite this variety , I always return to something that already seemed outdated: wired headphones.. Specifically, the USB-C EarPods that Apple released a few months ago.

“Wait, what a change of headphones”

In an era where wireless is king – and this writer has been convinced of this since 2016 – these wired headphones modest, unpretentious, which do not even cost 20 eurosbecame much more convenient than expected.

I discovered something unexpected about them, in fact something that I had almost mastered and that was impossible: the ability to connect them interchangeably to my computer, tablet and mobile phone. That versatility, lost in the move away from the 3.5mm jack to devices with fewer ports and improved wireless audio, is being revived with USB-C (I hate you and I love you).

The often underrated microphone of these EarPods is another unexpected surprise. Its clarity and accuracy on work calls and video calls far exceeds its wireless competitors, which often sacrifice microphone quality because real-time Bluetooth in two small parts isn’t enough.

And therein lies the irony of technological progress: In his race to innovate, he sometimes neglects the basics. The disadvantages of wireless technology, such as occasional desync, battery dependency, and small connection quirks, disappear with the simplicity of the cable. Direct connection, without intermediaries, where the signal has virtually no interruptions.

With wireless ones, it happened to me from time to time, in the middle of a video call (canonical for those of us who work remotely), that the interlocutor asked me to repeat something, since there was a micro-break. Or I had to do it. Or I realized that the battery was about to run out.

These EarPods, with their modest appearance, remind me that The newest or most expensive is not always the most effective in every situation.. In a world full of opportunity and complexity, sometimes the simplest solution is also the most effective. Especially when we’re not in an environment where the wireless connection is objectively better and we’re just having a good time glued to our device.

Featured Image | Mathematics on Unsplash

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