“I made $25 million from Messi; “Everyone wants to live here”


Leo Messi He causes a sensation wherever he goes, and Miami is no exception. Not only are his teammates and fans excited about the Argentine’s arrival in MLS, but so are his neighbors.

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After several weeks of searching for a cozy home with his family, the forward finally settled in Fort Lauderdale. And now you have a neighbor who clearly benefited from his arrival in the summer of 2023.

Iranian YouTuber Patrick Beth-David assures that if available Messi in residence they increased the value of houses. He says he bought his house for $20 million, but with the football player included, it’s now worth $45 million.

“In the current market, I’ve already earned $25 million in equity in my home thanks to Messi,” he explains. Patrick in the media VladTV.

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“Messi moved to this area and now everyone wants to live here. This is a fenced area on the island with only one entrance. This is a very safe and secure area. Now that Messi is here, people are coming by boat to watch at home,” the YouTuber added.

The Argentine star decided to leave Europe and hit the road. Inter Miamihaving signed a contract that commits him until 2025. Leo He will be playing his first full season with the Herons and his main goal now is to win the MLS.

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