“I protested because it was not a card for Chuameni, but a penalty for Brahim, the opposite of what was called.”

NAs soon as the game is over, Ancelotti He jumped onto the field and resolutely walked towards the judge. The technician was visibly upset for some recent decisions that have caused harm real Madrid. After making a gesture pointing to both areas with his hands, he was reprimanded. Together with them, he turned around and went to the locker room. At the end of the game admitted his protestbut chose to focus on great moment the team is in. He praised Joselu and I believe that Rüdiger He could be in the derby after a knock forced him off at half-time.

End of game protest: “He gave me a card for protesting, but I won’t talk about it because we played a great game and we’re very happy about it. What did I tell him? That it was not a card (Chuameni) and that it was a punishment (for Brahim), that is, the exact opposite of what he called it.

Two “finals” to win half of the League: “If we win the next two games (Atlético and Girona), we will have six more points, which will be very good news, but nothing more, because there are still many league titles ahead of us. The important thing is that the team is connected and doing everything well.”

Rüdiger is a warrior and it is difficult for him to miss the derby due to a little discomfort, we will see, but I think we can recover it.

Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach

Without Chuameni and Rüdiger we played: “He knocked out Chuameni in the last game and will not participate in the derby. I think Rudiger will be able to recover, he has a strong knockout and we will see how he behaves in the next few days. It’s not a fact that he will play, but we have a few days to restore him. “Rüdiger is a warrior and it is difficult for him to miss a derby due to a little irritation.”

Vinicius’ game: “I changed it because we managed the game very well and took 10 minutes out of the game, nothing more. It’s true that he hasn’t been successful in front of goal, but I really liked his transition play and Bellingham’s play as well.” , Valverde… Chat in a group? I told him I was going to replace him, that’s all.”

Joselu is doing everything necessary to stay, we are lucky to have a striker of such quality.

Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach

Joselu double: “Joselu is doing everything necessary to stay, we are blessed to have a striker of his quality and he is having an impressive season. He is always ready to help the team. He is a serious professional, modest and hardworking person. working man.”

Best moment of the season: “We are in a very good emotional state, we are motivated, we fight, we fight… We did well in a match that was not easy at all, against an opponent that requires you to fight a lot.”

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