I saw the chats with China »-

The footballer’s wife confesses in an interview with her journalist friend Susana Gimenez: «Today I trust him blindly, I would put 200 women in this room. We were able to choose ourselves again “

“This is how I discovered Mauro’s betrayal.” The infinite soap opera between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi is enriched with a new detail told by the player’s wife to the journalist, friend and confidant Susana Gimenez. «We were in the countryside with the girls on horseback – says Wanda in connection with Argentine TV Telefe Noticias away to Paris -. A girl who usually organizes our parties asked me for a photo. I was hoping there were some on Mauro’s phone and, when I looked, I saw screen shots of a conversation with a very famous woman that everyone already knows (the model actress Eugenia Suarez, known as China, ed). The first reaction was fierce anger, so I published the famous story that started it all. “

“Everything” means Wanda’s flight to Milan with her children on October 16; Maurito’s request for forgiveness; the near divorce (millionaire); peace; the second dispute over the discovery of the meeting in the hotel and a second (apparent or true?) peace between the two. To her journalist friend, Wanda tells other unpublished background stories. For example, her relationship with China Suarez: «I was not and I am not her friend, between us there was just a cordial relationship. There and then I got mad at her, but then I realized there was no point in making her personal. We have never had an “open” relationship with Mauro and for me even just a text message means divorce. The messages said things that a woman with the values ​​I have would never write. When I spoke to her, I apologized for the story published on social media with that inelegant word “. Eugenia Suarez also met Icardi in a Paris hotel. Wanda has her own version of the affair: «They met, yes, but Mauro told me that nothing happened, and I know that anything could have happened. I am convinced that he told me the truth ».

This seems to be the past today. Now between Wanda and Mauro the serene seems to have returned: «I swear on my five children that I have never had problems with my husband in the past; when all this happened I lost my mind, I took the first plane I had and went back to my home in Italy. Today, however, I blindly trust Mauro, I could fill this room with 200 women and I would be calm. If I didn’t trust him, I couldn’t continue the story with him. Mauro says that if something had happened it would have been different: he was at a point in the relationship from inside or outside, but we were able to choose each other again ». And they lived happily ever after. Perhaps.

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