“I thought I would do every plastic surgery possible”

At 51, the Colombian actress suggests: “Changer d’apparence au fil des ans est un souci pour elle, et elle compte bienprofiter de tout ce qui est à sa portée pour contrer les effets du vieillissement.”

Sofia Vergara was waiting to announce that she wasn’t thinking about spending her day looking for white hair. For this, the Colombian actress admits plus in detail that she or her goal is better to apply for garbage against signs of age. Pour elle, preserve the appearance of youth, pass by the sunscreen, qui est d’ailleurs au cœur de sa cosmetic brand Totti. If she scouts, she’ll tell you about the rest of the Australians. This is what the actress confiscated from a magazine Charm in an interview published on May 28. Regarding sunscreen, the famous Colombian states: “I thought there was a difference. J’ai 51 ans et je peux me Comparer à mes amis qui n’en ont jamais, et maintenant ils se disent tous: “Putain, pourquoi n’avons-nous pas, pay attention to ce que tu disais?” Mais celle qui a recemment crevé l’écran incarnated by the drug dealer Griselda, in the series of the same name distributed on Netflix, suggests that she cannot resist the unique signs of Viillesse à coup de SPF 50.

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“I thought I was profiting from everything that existed.”

Among treatments such as lasers and peels, Sofia Vergara confirms: “Je crois en tout cela.” “I thought that qu’il fautprofiter de tout ce qui exists, ajoute-t-elle. Je veux dire, si vous vous souciez du vieillissement. It’s not evil and it’s not caring. It’s not the end of the world. Mais si vous vous en souciez, il ya maintenant tellement de chooses what exists.” And the actress is compte bien enprofiter. “I thought you would perform all possible plastic surgery procedures when they were ready, dit-elle. I strive for free time, I wait for the choice to be made. But since I am sitting away from the camera, this is not something I can do, because I chose et rester chez moi à recupérer pendant des semaines.

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At the Bistouri party, Sofia Vergara was pleased with a Botox injection, “danse are Cou and author ses yeux” and “depuis longtemps”. In response, the passion for aesthetic surgery confirms: “Je ne crois pas au filler (pea-sized injectable products).” “I thought filler was useful when you are three young people and you see peu plus de joues or des lèvres a peu plus pulleus, explain-t-elle. At my age I thought this is not what you need, faire paraître plus jeune. In retaliation, cela va vous donner l’air d’etre plus apprêtée. And you get the impression that you don’t get tired when you see it high, and this is the bottom, not the bottom. “Je suis donc contre, from a certain age.”

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Smooth casting

If Sofia Vergara’s appetite for aesthetic surgery n’appelle aucun commentaire et demeure son droit le plus total à disposal of her son’s body, il est vrai qu’elle va à contre-courant de la lutte contre l’agisme, menée par Names of actresses in Hollywood like in France. Parmy Elles, Andie MacDowell. The 65-year-old actress spoke on this topic as an encore in February 2009 in the American media. She knows : “Je n’aime pas l’idee que nous disparaissions. Je veux dire, je pense que c’est bien que nous puissions être des observatrices, but most of all I think that we, some bien trop, are important to people who cause disappointment.” In this title, la dernière couverture de Hollywood Reporter, released on May 29 for critical titles, talks about the diversity of actresses as well as the uniform of age. Casting, which included actors Sofia Vergara., Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Sawai, Jodie Foster, Naomi Watts and Brie Larson reunite with actresses aged 30 to 60. Most often among Internet users, many avoid age-related memory. “Pourquoi Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman sont trop maquillés?”, “Jodie Foster est la seule qui semble réelle”, “Vous devriez embaucher de nouveaux éditeurs et des gens de Photoshop… Jennifer Aniston is more bronzed than Sofia Vergara… “

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