“I was insulted when I said that Cristiano Ronaldo will be…”

Carlo Ancelotti is the fashionable coach of European football because, in addition to having a good time with Real Madrid, he also has a career full of titles in the most competitive leagues, which gives him full authority to give his opinion on one of the most exciting rivalries in the history of football: that of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi and Cristiano have competed for much of their careers for the title of best footballer in the world and, although the talent of both players is undeniable, Carletto chose one in particular, as he considers him to be a very complete professional.

“It’s hard to say, but because I managed Ronaldo for a few years, I say Ronaldo”admitted Carlo Ancelotti in an interview he gave to Sky Sports Football in mid-2021.

Ancelotti confessed that between him and the Manchester United player there is an excellent relationship and, although he recognizes the great talent of Messi, he considers that a football player must have other physical and mental characteristics to to be the best in the world.

How many titles does Carlo Ancelotti own?

“I have fantastic memories of him because it’s true that he scored a lot of goals with me, but it’s also true that he was always very serious and professional. That’s what I appreciate the most.”

Although Carlo Ancelotti’s opinion was somewhat controversial and partisan, the truth is that he can speak on the subject with full ownership, since during his career in the leagues of England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, he won a total of 22 titles, among which three champions and two club world championships stand out.

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