Ibex 35, the stock market is alive today

– Capricorn 35 dawns, struck losses that affect most securities except six (among them Grifols), and the selective team loses more than one -0.50% after the fall -1% in the opening.

– In this case, the great Iberian electoral struggle fights to preserve level 10000 pointswhich he will try to hold until the end of the session.

– That’s for sure Grifols of the few actions that start with green numbers, of 3%. The Catalan pharmaceutical blood products company is slowly recovering from a bearish attack on Gotham City Research last week.

– After falling -37.7% following the controversial Gotham report, Grifols looks set to rise in value this week.

– They fail the most in the early stages Solarium (-2.33%) and Banco Sabadell (-2.13%).

– At the international level, oil and gold prices remain stable, but they need to be monitored as a thermometer of the situation in the Red Sea.

– In Europe, major stock markets also fell at levels similar to the Ibex 35. For example, the continental selective EuroStoxx 50 index fell -0.45%.

– China’s stock markets continue to fall and the government has asked institutional investors not to sell.

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