Ibex 35 today, Stock market live

The Ibex index ended the session strong as geopolitical concerns were eased and the price of oil fell to a one-month low. At the close, the Spanish stock market recorded a rise of 1.50% to 10,890.20 points, supported by major stocks such as Santander, BBVA, Telefónica and Inditex.

Daily evolution of Ibex 35

The new week began in the markets with lower level of combat readiness in the Middle East. The limited impact of the latest attack on Iranian soil leads us to consider a possible de-escalation of the conflict. Fears of wider disputes in the Middle East are cooling, and geopolitical tensions are giving way to more classic references to markets, such as business results.

He marketOil It again serves as a barometer of geopolitical tensions. Last week it already registered a negative balance, despite mutual retaliatory measures between Israel and Iran. Brent is trading further down today and is down to $86, within striking distance of its lowest level in a month and a far cry from recent highs of $93. Investors are cutting the geopolitical risk premium added to the price of oil, and after weekly U.S. crude inventories rose, a barrel of oil in West Texas fell to $81.

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