Iconic ces 6 looks recreated by influencers

Before the Met Gala, everyone only wants tournaments vers les mises en beauté des stars. What if you find that you can recreate this image?

The 2024 Met Gala happened last week and the world disappeared. nostalgic From that moment on I was through. In order for events during the magic, plus participation in the year, to influence the decision recreate the looks of the greatest celebritiesYouMet Gala. Lana Del Rey, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande: who says you can’t recreate this iconic Met Gala look?

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1. Zendaya’s makeup

Zendaya in This Met Gala star. And for an encore, une fois, elle a su nous Impressionner. Mais y at-il eu un jour où elle ne nous a pas surpris? This episode is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. more than two ! Pour the son of the prime minister, she chose the option robe from Margiela’s house and I accepted makeup what do I know I never thought I’d see her ! I organized the Met Gala marches using ultra-thin materials, years and lights. additional burgundy colors. In a video posted on TikTok by @lilachilds we watch comment I believe, look !


Answering the 2024 Met Gala makeup tutorial from @valerie Zendaya! @RAOÚL is a genius! @Pat McGrath Labs @Armani beauty @Anastasia Beverly Hills @Fenty Beauty @Kylie Cosmetics #zendaya#metgala#metgala2024#zendaymakeuptutorial#zendayametgala#zendayamet#zendayametgala2024

♬ original sound – Leela

2. Lana Del Rey’s full look

Creator of beautiful content @daniellemarcan ne cesse de nous surprendre. And all this to explain the reason: son talent for makeup ! Now this is a video of sorts that shows comments that recreate the image of Lana Del Rey. Et, elle n’a pas fait les chooses à moitié puisqu’elle ne s’est pas arrêtée qu’au draw up etc. hairstylebut I recreated it the same way son veil and branches who sortaient de ses cheveux! Here you just need to use the color bomb to realize the best possible look for your hair. Royal wool.


my favorite Met look 💌 #lanadelrey#metgala#makeup

♬ Once Upon a Time in a Dream Lana Del Rey – Malevals

3. Coupe de Cheveau Kendall Jenner

coupe de chevo Kendall Jenner: “It’s done, car elle est” extremely easy to implement and very canon. In fact, @bilintinamakeup is the best comment la réaliser: il faut just prendre quelques meches du devant, theirtwisterseel’arrière et les fixers à l’aide d’une Epingle and repeat the action with swords du-ba ! Coupe de Cheveux prête en A couple of minutes custard three elegant. Preview: Kendall wore it to the Met Gala!

4. Ariana Grande’s Papillon look

Ariana Grande also has the titles of videos on social media that can be seen at the Met Gala performing. What has happened, a lot has been done ! Are makeup with des fees sur levisage, a, lui also, beaucoup été remarqué. @miazimosky nous a montré comment réaliser son makeup et les ailes de fées, qu’il faut préparer soit à de colored paper ou de papiers que vous stylisez vous-même.


I couldn’t stop reproducing this makeup look that looks so cute 🤍✨ #makeup#makeuptutorial#arianagrande#metgala#makeupartist

♬ we can’t be friends – greedyari

5. Sabrina Carpenter Makeup

Sabrina Carpenter, this is makeup for a doll. Basically, she doesn’t sort anything without ultra-pink droppings and yes, circles draw up white pencil ! Wait, for the Met Gala, Sabrina Carpenter changed her image. In fact, she decided to pour des yeux blue clair with a black eyeliner et des lèvres nudes. @samanthaa.nicole check out this version of my son’s makeup!


recreating Sabrina Carpenter’s Met Gala makeup ✨🪽🏹 #fyp#makeup#makeuptutorial#makeuptok#sabrinacarpenter#metgala#metgala2024

♬ original sound – Sam 👼🏼

6. Emma Chamberlain’s grunge makeup

For appearing at the Met Gala Emma Chamberlain choose a gothic look. In fact she is montrée avec des Yes and this bushfonseto match brown. Elle a d’aileurs confirmed this choice and explained Fashion :”Le Met, it’s le moment de faire un spectacle, isn’t it?“. @daniellemarcan encore frappe at recreant sa hairstyle and etc. are makeup. Pour hair, they will use, for an encore, a color bomb.


I liked Emma’s makeup the most 🖤 #metgala#makeup#beauty

♬ Wicked Game (performed by Chris Isaak) – Pop Workshop


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