Ideological diversity settles in the medical classrooms

The Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats.

The future Organic Law of the University System (LOSU) continues to give a lot to talk about. After being modified in its passage by the Congress of Deputies, the new regulations, which are facing their processing in the Senate, will prevent the halls of residence attached to the public University segregate by sex. In addition, as you may have learned Medical Writingthe Minister of Universities, Joan Subiratshas stressed the importance of the University “reflects the ideological diversity of society” that “it is not ideologically neutral”. And it is that, as it is written, the LOSU tries to prevent the cloisters of Medicineas well as other disciplines are positioned or pronounced in a certain way, “because it does not correspond to them”. That yes, the minister defines the debate and the discussion, something that “forms part of the university tradition”…

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