IDF dismantles Hamas military network in northern Gaza

Rear Admiral Hagari Reveals progress in operations, points out that the fight against terror takes time and ongoing efforts.

Spokesperson at a press conference Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Rear Admiral Daniel Hagarihas announced that the army has completed dismantling the “military structure” Hamas North of Gaza Strip,

Hagari Provided detailed information about military operations in Horoscope, highlighted the achievements of the Army and underlined the importance of patience in the fight against terrorism. He said the widespread defeat took three months Hamas North of HoroscopePreventing terrorist groups from carrying out large-scale attacks.

spokesperson of e d f However, cautioned Hamas has been defeated in response to Horoscope, There may still be sporadic rocket fire from those areas. However, he assured that e d f They will continue to deepen their achievements and strengthen border security.

Hagari He also mentioned that the current approach e d f to disintegrate Hamas in the center and south of HoroscopeUsing a comprehensive approach based on lessons learned from previous wars.

He highlighted the concentration of terrorists in refugee camps in the center Horoscope and complexity of tunnels jan eunice, Hagari accepted that the fight would continue 2024 and that e d f They work on plans to achieve war goals, which include destruction Hamas in the center and south, as well as efforts to return hostages.

Besides, Hagari A picture has surfaced of Mohammad Deefcommander of the military wing of HamasOf the digital files recovered by e d f In Horoscope,

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