IDF hopes to find sinwar in Khan Yunis tunnels

israel defense forces intensify efforts south of Horoscope To find out the leaders of Hamas And free the hostages.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has focused its attention on the tunnel system beneath the city jan euniceIn Gaza StripAn operation focused on the belief that senior leaders Hamas They are hidden in this huge underground complex.

Despite the withdrawal of thousands of troops from the northern region Horoscope as part of the transition from e d f to the third phase of the war against Hamas In the region, the intensity of military efforts is concentrated in the center and south.

approximately two complete divisions of e d f are taking action in jan eunice, focusing on the tunnel complex beneath the city. There is a possibility of pressure on the leaders of Hamas This is increasing as forces are deepening the operation and gaining vital information about these tunnels.

Although e d f They refuse to establish a specific timetable for these operations, which are closely related to the search for the two main leaders. Hamas In Horoscope, Mohammad Deef And Yahya Sinwar,

it is estimated that vermillion May be surrounded by hostages used as human shields, which would tie the mission of finding him to the stated objective e d f To free the hostages.

e d f They have already withdrawn several thousand soldiers from the northern region Horoscope As part of the transition to the third phase of the fight against Hamas In the strip, which is reported by a senior US official, Washington Post, Also, they have expanded their activities in the central and southern regions. HoroscopeAttacking more than 150 targets.

In jan eunicesoldiers of e d f of 55th Brigade Content has been found Hamas There is further evidence that the group has used civilian areas for its activities. The ongoing operation maintains international attention on the situation Horoscope When e d f They want to achieve their objectives in the field.

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