“If Messi had played for Spain, he would have already had two World Cups, in Argentina we didn’t deserve him.”


Lionel Messi He had to wait until perhaps his last World Cup to lift the cup. The Argentine resisted four times, and for the fifth time he managed to achieve a great goal in his career.

He rejected the call of Lionel Messi and millions of Inter Miami players to stay at the club of his life.

The footballer got the opportunity to play for the national team Spainbut he always respected his roots and decided Argentinaa land where he suffered a lot before winning the title.

Mariano Perniathe former Argentine player offered an interesting take on Lionel Messi and his participation in the world championships, about this in an interview with Flashscore.

Pernia started with trajectory lighting “Flea” and how he developed over the years: “I had no doubt that Leo would become what he was, because I also knew him and knew about his mental strength. “He never stops wanting to grow and learn.”

Mariano praised his ability to persevere Messi until the goal is achieved, indicating one’s efforts from determination to dead ball play.

Moreover, he assured that there was a time when Argentina did not deserve to have Leo in its country: “There was a time in Argentina when we didn’t deserve Messi. with the national team because he was criticized a lot. They even asked me not to go to the World Cup,” he commented.

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And it was here that he made a startling statement about whether Messi had decided to play for Spain: “If Messi had decided to play for Spain, he would have already had two World Cups.

We will never know what would have actually happened; One thing is clear: the World Cup Messi with Argentina made him the best player in the history of football.

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