If you have an iPhone, you can use this app: Copilot, an AI from Microsoft.

The app is now available for free download on the App Store. (Microsoft)

After his recent debut in Android, Microsoft announced the launch Second pilot for iOS devices, so the application is now available to all users iPhone And iPad V Apple Storeproviding free access to models such as GPT-4 And DALL-E3.

The emergence of this platform is a continuation of the American company to expand its new chatbot after changing its name, which was originally Bing chat. However, the company has decided to separate the browser from the artificial intelligence, which is expanding and is now also available in Windows 11.

One of the most exciting features of this app is the ability to access some of the most advanced artificial intelligence models for free. While other apps offer limited versions of their AI models for free, Copilot offers full access to GPT-4 and DALL-E3 without requiring a paid subscription, as is the case with other similar services such as ChatGPT Plus.

With this approach, Microsoft aims to provide users with an independent and complete experience similar to other existing AI platforms. The app not only makes it easy to chat for everyday tasks like writing emails or creating reports, but also allows you to creating images from descriptionsthanks to DALL-E3 integration.

Windows chatbot is coupled with GPT-4 for better results. (Microsoft)

Another important aspect is a constant Internet connection. This ensures that Copilot has information is updated in real time what is happening in the world, and their reaction is not limited.

Regarding data processing, Microsoft in the description of the application assures that it will protect user information without storing it, and without having visual access to data and do not use them to train other models.

“Copilot is Microsoft’s chat assistant powered by the latest OpenAI models: GPT-4 and DALL·E 3. These cutting-edge AI technologies provide fast, complex and accurate answers, as well as the ability to create stunning images from simple text descriptions.” mentioned in the app description in the App Store.

In addition to this mobile extension, Copilot also has a web version that is independent of the Bing browser. This site allows you to configure various third-party plugins to generate other types of content, such as Suno, which can be used to create original songs.

Windows chatbot is coupled with GPT-4 for better results. (Freepik)

The AI ​​assistant is available not only on the Internet and its latest version for mobile phones. It also has the option to enable it as a Windows 11 app, which should be activated automatically through an operating system update.

Typically, these new versions are installed without the user having to go through a manual process, so some of them may already see the Copilot icon on their home dashboard, from where they can access the chatbot or also by pressing “keys”.Windows + C”.

If update, but If the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work or activates another Windows feature, users should go into the Settings or Settings app and do the following:

– Click on the option “Personalization

– Select a button “Task bar”.

– Activate the special button “Activate co-pilot.”

After activation Second pilot It will occupy the right side of the computer screen, and users will be able to access all its features as if it were a window. chat. This makes it easy to perform any other actions in other programs without having to open and close the application window. artificial intelligence.

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