If you take your used cooking oil to a Repsol petrol station you will receive a discount and help produce renewable petrol which is now available for purchase.

Our country already produces and sells renewable gasoline a good idea, also thanks to the used vegetable oil, which can be delivered to the Repsol filling station.

Veto on petroleum-burning engines after 2035 paints a bleak outlook for the electricity sector, but there is still hope for the new renewable fuels we can now buy.

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A while back we talked about synthetic fuels made from carbon captured from the atmosphere., water and renewable energy from a wind turbine. This is the strongest bet yet that petrol engines can continue to exist in Europe for ten years.

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Fortunately, this is not the only option, as Repsol has introduced its renewable gasoline, that is, gasoline that is not produced from fossil fuels., oil. This is a biofuel produced by processing organic waste that is not intended for or does not compete with food, such as used cooking oils, biomass (agricultural and forestry waste) and organic waste that we recycle in cities – in the brown bin.

As part of this strategy, Repsol began collecting used cooking oil some time ago. in containers with a volume of at least 1 liter. Customers can leave their used oil at Repsol service stations that have this service in Madrid and Junta de Galicia – 149 and 180 stations respectively, which will be expanded to the rest of the country in the coming years – and in return they will receive a discount.

And Waylet app users will receive a 30 cent discount per liter of oil. A used kitchen has been delivered, which can be used when refueling or buying groceries. Who said going green doesn’t bring rewards?

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Antonio Regidor

You may wonder why this gasoline is renewable. Because the CO2 released when this gasoline is burned is equivalent to the CO2 that was previously removed from the atmosphere by the raw materials used to make it. In other words, it is carbon neutral.

Where can you buy this renewable gasoline and how much does it cost? For now it is only available at three petrol stations in Madrid (Hipódromo, Arturo Soria and Herrera Oria) and at a price of 1.80 euros per liter, the same price as 98.

Diagram of a biofuel production plant in Cartagena.


Once production increases, this renewable gasoline will be available throughout the country. because Repsol will soon launch the country’s first advanced biofuels plant in Cartagena (Murcia), which will produce 250,000 tons per year. And in 2025, a second facility of this type will open in Puertollano. We have a good chance of continuing to fill the reservoir after 2035…

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