Ignacio López Goñi: “An outbreak of whooping cough occurs every four or five years” – Pamplona

One of the diseases currently of greatest concern in Navarre is whooping cough. While the number of consultations and hospitalizations for respiratory viruses in the regional community is decreasing, the incidence of this disease is increasing significantly. So far this year, 23 cases have been identified, while in 2022, the most recent year for which a full report is available, public health identified only three cases.

There is concern among health workers, CUN pediatrician Reyes Lopez de Mesa said, because teenagers and adults are not showing symptoms of the disease, which is being confused with the common cold. And this leads to infection of babies.

Vaccines are effective, but the truth is that immunity declines over time. For this reason, in the Cope Navarra microphones, microbiologist from the University of Navarra Ignacio López Goñi points out the importance of revaccination.

Ignacio López Goñi assured that we are talking about an outbreak of whooping cough, which can occur periodically, “every four or five years.” And he warned of the need to vaccinate adults against the disease, especially to protect the youngest, infants. And they are the ones who may be most seriously affected by the disease.

This disease begins with an irritating cough, which becomes paroxysmal (intensifies) and may be accompanied by inspiratory stridor (a very peculiar noise when breathing). The cough may result in the production of mucus, and this condition may last for several weeks. It spreads from person to person within the first 10 or 20 days.

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