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On March 31, Netflix will withdraw the catalog of the film “The Blind Side” (with Sandra Bullock). This is a history revival event that continues into 2023.

In 2010, “The Blind Side” was released, the film “Power and the Boulevard on a young black American woman who finds her grace in the love of her adoptive family and a son with a talent for football.” Sandra Bullock won her prime (and second) Oscar this year for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy, in which she enrolls in a high school in her foyer.

Michael Oher does not share the existing film. After a difficult childhood and an empty school park, the cell phone will think about finding the hallway of the house where the Tuohy meeting awaits you. This is the story with all the details: the high school, having graduated from prestigious universities and the American football team, began to touch the silver player and, perhaps, was free. ..

More than 20 years later, disappointment set in when it emerged that the adoptive family had benefited from Louis. A return we did in this episode of the podcast “Ceci est une histoire vraie”, which talks about stories that seem more interesting to me, which are deep memories of your films and favorite TV series.

The Blind Side will be removed from Netflix on March 31st.

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