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Alonso Rivero

A few weeks ago, the Copa del Rey became a source of motivation and excitement for a team that had no major challenges ahead of them. Moreover, this was logically seen as the only way to avoid breaking Seville’s love affair with Europe. Two league blows in the form of defeats, especially the latest to Alaves, mean that Quique Sánchez Flores, despite realizing the importance of it, cannot get away with everything he wanted as the Andalusians risk their lives in La Liga.

“I was very disappointed after the last game because we played with the mindset of winning and gaining new momentum. The guys want it. This is what I can convey the most. They are excited about the competition. Sevilla perform well in knockout competitions. Getafe are a centrifuge, a pain in the ass. “You have to compete like men, or at least try,” the Madrid coach explained the importance of the Cup for the group.

“Things don’t just happen. We are in a defense rebuilding phase. I understand that the attacking chaos is multiplied in the defense. There are patterns that repeat. Working when there are no results is more expensive. Everything we do is to make people happy. In the last game, fans were sometimes recognized. For good moments to come, you need to work and create them. It’s a matter of rigor, training and moving forward with the players who get the most attention and follow you best. We have a professional atmosphere and there are no accidents. If bad things happen to you, it is because you do it more,” he analyzed when asked about the defensive mistakes that have condemned him in recent games and the support of the fans.

During their stay in Seville, Agume and Mejbri arrived to strengthen the team. Also two additions to the reserve team, Mateo Mejia and Muzambo, with whom the Sevilla coach wanted to be patient: “First we will see if they can give us in the short or medium term. We are going to analyze as much as possible who is coming and give them the time they need.”. The Seville team are running out of time given their position in the qualifying table. “I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart. We are in our fourth week with the team and I have no year-by-month assessment of what the squad looks like and that is why we are putting ourselves in the hands of the club’s sporting management.” “, he replied about the profiles of the players who signed the contract.

An interesting answer to a question about Rafa Mir: “We have a fairly clear vision of the composition. I then asked about each individual situation. I’m interested in players who are motivated to play for Sevilla. Those we think are there will remain. Those who don’t, don’t. This is football. You play if at least you have the motivation to play.” With all this, the path to the Copa del Rey opens before the Seville players: one look at the match, another at the market, and a trip to Girona is just around the corner.

Alonso Rivero

Alonso Rivero is responsible for information on Andalusian teams in Relevo, with a particular focus on Real Betis Balompie and Sevilla. Born in Nerva (Huelva), p.

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