“I’m tired of Kylian Mbappe, I wish with all my heart that he leaves PSG, he’s still a little boy.”


The beginning of this year 2024 has come with a lot of news about Kylian MbappeThe French striker is free to negotiate his departure with any club in the world.

“I can reach the level of Cristiano and Mbappe, but I am not selfish. Nobody talked about me, now I’m crack”

real Madrid It has been waiting for him on the horizon for a long time, and it seems that this is the last opportunity for their paths to finally converge.

Christophe Dugarry, historian PSG The 1998 world champion with France once again criticized the situation KilianHe said he was tired of this business.

“I have the impression that every six months it’s like this: he stays, he leaves… It worries me. I am tired of this. I want Mbappe to start a club project and stop working on a more personal project. I’m tired of hearing chatter every six months about his future club. I’m fed up. “I’m not interested, I’m no longer interested,” he said in a dialogue with the program. Rothen s’enflamme from RMC Sport.

Contract Mbappe expires in mid-2024 and there is a possibility that it will go into real Madrid every day it grows more and more. Moreover, Dugarry assures that his level is no longer the same.

“I hope he leaves, with all my heart. I think this is stagnation. I believe that he is becoming more and more predictable in his fights, he lacks strength and character in battle. I think he disappears from some fights too often. Given the attitude, all the hands up, it sends out something quite negative.”

Although Mbappe is Ligue 1’s top scorer with 18 goals and has scored a total of 52 goals in a PSG shirt in 2023, Dugarry He made it clear that, in his opinion, the forward was not up to the task.

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“He wanted all the power, to be the leader of the team, and now that he is, he looks like a little boy. Sometimes it seems that the suit is too big for him. I feel like he’s a little lost,” the former French striker explained, adding: “Until proven otherwise, football is a team sport. He was taken not for statistics, but so that his club would win the Champions League. “That is not the case at this time.”

PSG remains silent about the situation, they hope to renew the striker for a few more years and for him to continue to be the club’s standard-bearer to finally achieve Champions League.

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