image showing Queen Letizia skipping protocol in her last act

Visit Queen Letizia (51 years old) Gave a lot to the Madrid Book Fair. In addition to her unconditional support of culture, the wife showed her closest, most tender and natural version to all the curious who greeted her upon her arrival in Retiro Park.

Between booth and booth, the queen did not hesitate to greet and take pictures with everyone who asked, a real mass bath that surprised us with details that we were not at all used to. Doña Letizia not only did not refuse, but also responded to the request of a group of young people for an autograph by grabbing a pen and putting her signature on a blank sheet of paper, thus missing unwritten rule of royalty.

Members of the royal family follow very strict protocols that have been established throughout history. Rules whose purpose is not only to protect the institution, but also to ensure that all its members remain within the bounds of proper and safe behavior. For many years, Royal family members banned from signing autographs just for safety reasons, which Doña Letizia missed this Friday during her visit to the book fair.

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