Images: The painter died while working in front of his colleagues, who tried everything to revive him

The man fell asleep while sitting and had a seizure – Courtesy

A painter who was working on a construction site died suddenly while sitting for a period of time during the work day. Seeing that he suddenly started having convulsions, his co-workers went to help him react, however they could not do anything to revive the worker.

By: The Herald

The incident with the painter, which occurred in the central Indian city of Indore a few days before the New Year celebrations, was recorded and broadcast on social networks several days later, the clip of which reached more than 83 thousand replications in just one day. After it went viral. Being uploaded to the network.

What happened to the Indian painter who died while working?

A surveillance camera installed at a property that was being renovated in Indore captured the moment the painter, aged 32, fainted while sitting on a paint can. During the minute the footage played, it was seen that the victim was accompanied by three other co-workers at the construction site.

In a moment, the painter quickly placed his hand on his heart and then sat down on the boat, there he looked visibly tired and brought a cloth to his face to cover himself. According to the time of the video, about two minutes had passed when the worker slowly lowered his head as if he was sleeping.

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