Important women at the main Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift made Grammy history, so it’s important to have a four-year album award, a queen award for a night dominated by women..

Can we feel like women have mastered this year’s music for a second time?” to South African comedian Trevor Noah at the opening of the evening, which began on February 4. Rien que dans la categorie reine de l’album de l’année, sept des huit nommé·es étaient des femmes. This is singer Taylor Swift, who received the prize for the main work of Celine Dion. Midnight. She enters the pantheon of ceremonies as an artist plus reward for her albums made by Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.

“J’aimerais vous dire que c’est le meilleur moment de ma vie, but most of all I feel aussi heureuse when I finish a chanson,” at-elle réagi. “Thank you for loving me (…)

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