In 2023, ETECSA recorded more than 2,500 cybersecurity incidents.

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Between January and September 2023, ETECSA recorded more than 2,500 cybersecurity incidents, according to state media Cuba Sí, a spokesman for the Cuban Telecommunications Company.

In this sense, the following types of cyber-attacks have been recorded in institutions or organizations that are legal entities: denial of service, sending and receiving spam messages, malicious traffic generated by malicious code, scanning services and exploiting vulnerabilities that have compromised websites and other elements computer.

In turn, 70% of cases affected individuals, with cyberbullying, identity theft and fraud through social media or electronic payment channels predominant.

“The year 2023 saw an increase in cyber attacks around the world, putting the security of companies and people’s data at risk. Human error is one of the main causes of cyber incidents in organizations, where violations of information security policies by those responsible for computer security and users of these technologies predominate,” said the Director of Digital Business and Expert in Computer Systems and Cybersecurity at ETECSA. , Daniel Ramos Fernandez.

I will add later: “Weak passwords are used that are not changed in a timely manner, the person visits insecure websites, and system software or applications are not updated when necessary.”

The same source said that the use of services or devices without a guarantee of security is another important factor in cyber incidents. In fact, the use of unauthorized systems and devices to exchange sensitive data was discovered.

“It is necessary to create structures to address cybersecurity issues and move forward in recruiting, training and managing personnel in this area,” the expert said, understanding that legal norms in this matter “require constant updating, since they arise from time to time.” New issues and technologies are emerging at an incredible rate and have an immediate impact on cybersecurity.

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