In addition to chamomile tea, to relieve stress and fall asleep quickly, here is a sweet relaxing herbal tea

After a long day full of commitments, work, stress and busy life, sometimes it is hard to completely relax in the evening. There are those who are unable to quickly abandon the experiences of the day and allow themselves a moment of relaxation before going to bed. For this reason, solutions are often sought to facilitate falling asleep. Dimming the lights in the house, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and settling on a comfortable sofa can sometimes help induce sleep. However, there are those who prefer, especially in winter, to accompany this time of day with a warm evening drink. So, in addition to chamomile tea, to relieve stress and fall asleep quickly, here is a sweet relaxing herbal tea that could represent an alternative.

Hot drinks sometimes linked to ancient traditions

Herbal teas are often valid allies to calm some small ailments or simply to warm up gently during the winter months. Many of them contain products widely used in herbal medicine and which often have millenary traditions dating back to ancient peoples. Some of the ailments for which herbal teas are used frequently are those that affect digestion. This is why in a previous study we illustrated an infusion often used to relax the gastric walls by relieving abdominal burns.

The ingredients that make up herbal teas are often the subject of study by researchers who aim to track down the potential effects on health. Recent research conducted by a Chinese university, for example, showed which ingredients could control blood sugar spikes. A different study in the form of a review, on the other hand, has collected the main effects that some extracts of a certain plant could have on the body.

In addition to chamomile tea, to relieve stress and fall asleep quickly, here is a sweet relaxing herbal tea

If the chamomile does not have a pleasant taste on the palate, to relax in the evening you could choose an herbal tea that includes passionflower as an alternative. This plant of ancient tradition with flowers that look like real works of art also has innumerable properties.

A recent scientific review conducted by Korean researchers highlighted among these the hypno-inducing and calming effect. This plant contains elements that could act against the difficulties in falling asleep and relaxing. Passionflower infused in herbal teas has an extremely delicate flavor with scented notes reminiscent of lavender. Added to herbal teas, it can be a valid help to ease the tensions of the day. Since it may interact with some medications, it is always helpful to consult your doctor or trusted specialist before taking passionflower. Therefore, added as an ingredient of the evening herbal tea, passionflower could help you to indulge yourself gently in the arms of Morpheus.


It is low in sugar and contains 2 times the potassium of bananas and lentils, this fruit is excellent in the diet

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